Chapter 4

Jealousy Is All The Fun You Think They Had

We have just welcomed little Cora into the family, and Don is still in the running for Father of the Year.

However, he now has competition, as Johnny has started spending a lot of time with Brielle.

“She has my hair! And my impeccable fashion sense!”

Brie is of course happy that her father drops by so often, and she barely notices that Daddy Don now has a second baby to take care of.

Speaking of Daddy Don, what on earth are you wearing?

“I got promoted! I’m Team Mascot!”

You look ridiculous.

But a good mascot needs to have some moves! Johnny, why are you still here? Shouldn’t you get back to your very pregnant and somewhat disgruntled wife?

“… but this song is a banger!”

Johnny, did you learn NOTHING from your last relationship with an unhappy pregnant blonde?!

Don is beginning to feel a little trapped in the same job and relationship, so to cheer up, he has invited over Alex’ former landlord.

“Hey Candace, I’m so glad you wanted to come over. You look very nice tonight.”

“Aww thanks, Don. But, uhm, are you really sure your girlfriend is okay with this?”

“Of course, we have an agreement. Besides, she’s busy composing a ballad so let us head to the bedroom so we don’t disturb her.”

“You seem a bit tense, Candace.”

“Sorry, it’s just… do we have to do this right under your family photos?

But Don has a reputation for a reason, and he has no trouble helping Candace relax. He has no time for tender goodbyes though.

After all, he is Father of the Year and it is Cora’s birthday.

Cora has Don’s hair and, just like Brie, she has Alex’ eyes.

Proud daddy Don ❤

Alex, on the other hand, isn’t winning any motherhood awards.

Once again, Johnny drops by unannounced to spend time with Brie.

“Johnny, it’s not that I don’t absolutely love how much time you’re spending with our daughter, but I can’t help but worrying – is everything okay at home with you and Dina? I heard she just had your son.”

“Yeah, sure, Dina is an amazing mother and little Quentin is adorable. It’s just nice to get out a bit, Dina is pretty hormonal and cranky right now, so I’m taking a break and spending some time with Brielle.”

“Johnny, you don’t ‘take a break’ from your wife and newborn son! Have you considered she might be cranky because you keep leaving her alone to hang out here?”

“I hadn’t thought of it that way.”

“Oh man, I’m a terrible husband. And father.”

“Well then get home and make it up to her! Cheer her up, maybe pamper her a bit, spend time with your infant son. Show them that you love them, right?”

“You’re right. I think I’ve really let both of them down.”

“Well, no time like the present. Get going, Johnny.”

“Thank you so much, Alex! I feel much better now.”

Meanwhile, Don is taking Luna Villareal out on a date.

“Oh, Moira! You come here often?”

Hey Moira, nice to see you’re on a date WITH YOUR HUSBAND for once.

“Thanks for inviting me out, Don. I must admit, I wasn’t sure if you were actually serious about going on a date. I mean, I’d heard that you settled down with some woman and had kids and everything.”

“Well, it’s true, Luna. I live with my girlfriend Alexandra and our two girls, well, technically only one of them is mine, but that hardly matters.”

Poor Luna looks so disappointed.

“Anyway, we’re in an open relationship, so I’m free to do whatever – and whoever – I want. And so is Alex, of course, although she hasn’t really been taking advantage of it. How is your Lobster Thermidor?”

“I had a great time tonight, Don, and I’d love to see you again… uh, also, are you and Alex… you aren’t married or anything, right?”

“No, but she is very important to me. I may play the field, but I would never leave her.”

Luna what are you doing THIS IS HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE

(Apparently things got so steamy that Wicked Whims autonomy kicked in…)

Ahem. Back on track!

“Luna, my sweet – I’m not a one-woman Sim. Even if I left Alex, I could never give you the exclusive relationship you want.”

“But you can at least get a piece of me for now? You’re still very young, we can have fun as long as you want, and when you do find The One, there will be no hard feelings?”

I guess that’s a deal.

After a successful date, Don heads home invigorated.

*Sir David Attenborough voice* “We interrupt this legacy to take a look at a slightly atypical mating display. This teenage male, Alexander Goth, is currently doing sit-ups in the middle of the sidewalk while wearing a suit, in an attempt to woo local female Olivia Kim-Lewis. She does not, however, look impressed with his antics.”

Congratulations on making Dance Team Captain, Don! *snerk*

“Shut up, you know I make this look good.”

Good morning Brie! Today is a special day.

“You can’t fool me, I know my husband is in there RIGHT now!”

I mean, yes he is. But he has a good excuse this time!

Happy birthday, Brielle!

Aww, Brie is really taking after Johnny!

This is where we will end this chapter, as it is getting pretty long. Hopefully we will resolve the Dina situation next chapter!

9 thoughts on “Chapter 4

  1. Aaannnd I spoke too soon haha. Oh Don, are you absolutely sure Alex is okay with this? After all, you haven’t really told her about the dates you have been going on. And getting jiggy in the bed you share with her? Oh dear.

    Brie is just gorgeous! And I’m glad Johnny is finally coming to his senses. Although Dina still seems to have an issue with the whole situation. Hopefully things work out for her.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awww. It’s always so sweet when the baby gets the dad’s flannels.

    In defense of Alex’s hands-off parenting, she can still see the kid through the slats in the bookshelf. It’s so hard to focus on learning to be a better parent when you’re getting constant reminders your child exists. She needs something she can close, preferably something she can slide slowly while Brie moves to stay in her line of vision until it clicks shut.

    An open relationship with kids in the mix, huh? And he’s bringing partners back home? Nice going, Shu, I mean Don. I do hope Brie is watching so she learns how to get the ladies. Don would be the one most likely to discuss what’s going on with her, and I can’t wait to hear his explanation.

    Is Don doing all the dishes, too, as well as most of the parenting? Do we have a tender f*ccboi (can i swear on this site?) on our hands?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Don is a great dad. No doubt.
    I’m gonna give Alex some credit on her “child neglect.” She has an exhausting job in this legacy: TELLING MEN THE OBVIOUS. I cannot imagine how annoying it must be to be around all these clueless Himbos/Baby daddies.

    I’m with Candace. I don’t think I could bang with a gigantic family portrait a la Brady Bunch in the same room. I also don’t think I could bang the dude with his wife in the next room, or in the house at all, but maybe I don’t have the same standards as Candace. Do they bang? It appears Don is 1-minute trying to get her in the mood, and the next minute he’s like SEE YA, and ages up Coral. Coral is also adorbs. She looks A LOT like Don. Hopefully she has Alex’s nose 0.o

    I guess there are YOUNGER fish to fry (er bang), as Don made it clear to Luna that she is VERY YOUNG (is she younger than Alex or just Don?). Idk, I’m sure it wasn’t supposed to come off as Don being creepy, but that’s how I took his comment. My skin is crawling. Like when does he go from great dad to dad that hits on his daughters nearly-18-year-old friends? Because THAT’S where I see this going from that comment.

    “Anyway, we’re in an open relationship, so I’m free to do whatever – and whoever – I want. And so is Alex, of course, although she hasn’t really been taking advantage of it. How is your Lobster Thermidor?”
    This line bothered me/jumped out at me. Specifically “Although she hasn’t really been taking advantage of it.” Okay, but WHY? Does Don find out from Alex why she doesn’t? Is she just not interested in being with someone else or MAYBE IT’S BECAUSE SHE’S STUCK AT HOME WITH TWO KIDS and is absolutely shit-exhausted of men and their dumb assumptions 0.o

    I’m also cringing that he feels invigorated after their date (er obvious eff-sesh).

    We interrupt this legacy to take a look at a slightly atypical mating display.” was HILAROIUS. I wonder if Nina would have tried to make a move if she was passing by. I’m going to go with MOST LIKELY.

    Glad to see Dina is staying true to herself. Props to her for running after giving birth!


    • I’m sure Candace was well satisfied. This was before I decided to include any sexytime photography on the blog though 😛

      The only reason I mention Luna’s age is because she’s a premade and thus many readers will be aware. But Don abhors cheating and most of the adults are married off by now, so his dating options aren’t that great, it’s all widows or young adults. And Don doesn’t care about age as long as everyone’s a consenting adult (and not cheating). Also, he is trying to manage Luna’s expectations so she doesn’t fall for him since he will never be available for an exclusive relationship with her, and she will be better off finding someone closer to her own age, who is also available. (There was a break-up scene later because Luna got too attached but it got cut in editing)

      Alex and Don’s agreement is that they can both sleep with other people. Alex just doesn’t care to, but I wanted to make it clear that she has the option, it’s not just Don living his best life while Alex is expected to only be with Don. She just doesn’t really want anyone else. And honestly, Don does the heavy lifting when it comes to child-care.

      I’m so glad someone enjoyed the atypical mating display! 😂


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