Chapter 5

We Don’t Talk About Dina, No No

Don, the most secretly family-oriented non-committal man ever, is enjoying a quiet Harvestfest with his family. Everything seems calm.

Johnny drops by to tuck in Brie…

I swear, Brie called over Don for comfort all by herself.

… but it’s still daddy Don who comforts her after a nightmare and sprays the monster under her bed.

“Your form’s great, honey! Keep it up, I’m going to meet Dina for a drink, I’m a bit worried about her.”

Later, at The Blue Velvet…

“Dina, can I just say, you look amazing. Johnny is a very lucky man. How is little Quentin? Can he walk yet?”

“Aww, thanks Don. Quentin and his dad are fine, but I don’t want to talk about them tonight.”

“Okay? So… what do you want to talk about then?”

“You know, Don, I always regretted never making a move when you lived with me and my sister.”

“Dina, why are you bringing this up now? As far as I know, you and Johnny are exclusive.”

“Oh just drop it, Don! We both know that Johnny and Alex are seeing each other way too much. Just because you two are in an open relationship doesn’t mean that Alex can sleep with my husband!”


“But I figured, if they’re going to sleep with each other behind our backs, we might as well get revenge…”

Woah, Dina, what the hell are you doing!? First of all, I am not interested, and second of all, I can guarantee that Johnny spends every second in our house doting on Brie. And he mostly drops by in the evening while Alex is at work.”

“If anything, you should be worried that he’s secretly sleeping with ME.”

“This is crazy, and you know it. What is really going on?”

“Don, you don’t understand. I know Alex, she has no morals. She’s a criminal after all! And then you just allow her to sleep with whoever she wants, why wouldn’t she seduce my Johnny?”

“Well, two can play that game…”

“Okay, that is it! Dina, I have had enough of your games.”

“I am going to give you one last chance because I don’t want to see Alex or Johnny hurt. But if you continue with your shenanigans, I will tell both of them what you’re doing.”

“If you want to keep your family intact and maybe even keep any sort of friendship with me, you better get your jealousy under control and think carefully about how you’ll behave from now on.”

“I’m going home now, Dina. If you want us to stay friends, and friends only, let me know.”

“Alex, I love you so much.”

“Oh hey honey, how was Dina doing?”

“She made me realise how incredibly fortunate I am.”

“I am so lucky that you are fine with the way our relationship is, and that you never demand more than I am comfortable with.”

“But I am tired of people not understanding that I am really committed to you because we’re open. I’ve realised that I also need more, I need to show you and the world that you are special, and that no matter what, you are my priority. So…

“… I need to ask you something…”


“Alexandra, will you marry me?”


And that’s a wrap for this chapter. We’ll leave these two lovebirds to wedding planning, and hope that Dina is done with her drama…

9 thoughts on “Chapter 5

  1. And Don continues to surprise me. I’m so glad he rejected Dina’s advances! And he even proposed? Was totally not expecting that. I’m loving how this story keeps me guessing- even though I keep getting it wrong haha. Keep the surprises coming! Also, ‘shenanigans’- love it 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good on him! Even his character design reflects the maturation, him having traded his screenprinted tee for a sensible sweater. The next time we see him he’ll be in dad sneakers or those Adidas sandals that magically poof onto every man’s feet when the baby pops out.

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  3. Dina seems to be having a nervous breakdown. It started around the time she got pregnant. I’m going out on a branch here and say, Dina should NOT have children. Poor thing. I don’t know if she just wasn’t ready to be a mom, or never wanted to be a mom, or *what* exactly (I mean being pregnant is an experience, and not always glowing-skin and shiny-hair happiness). Maybe she just doesn’t like The Landgraabs but is now STUCK in that family with no real escape other than 1) run away and change her identity; or 2) death.
    My heart breaks for whatever she’s going through.
    Okay, moving onto Don.
    Part of me wonders if this is just a sham. The whole Daddy thing. Does he do it perhaps to get women? Like you know, cars, puppies, or babies are like chick-magnets.
    This is why I am starting to have SERIOUS DOUBTS about Don Lothario being “a changed man” :
    “Dina, can I just say, you look amazing. Johnny is a very lucky man. How is little Quentin? Can he walk yet?”
    If a guy who was my friend told me that I looked amazing and that my husband was a lucky man, I’d insta think he was hitting on me. Also, it’s Don. He’s in an open relationship. I am so creeped by him. Hide the 18-year-olds. Seriously. He even tells Dina that as far as he is aware Dina and Johnny are in an EXCLUSIVE relationship, yet the first thing that comes out of his mouth is … like Don, would you say that shit to a dude? Doubtful. It’s a good indicator that if what you are about to say is inappropriate, don’t say it to someone. Geesh.
    And THEN he has the audacity to belittle Dina because SHE hits on him?
    Poor Dina is just so out of her mind. She’s worried that her husband is cheating on her. I guess she hasn’t confronted Johnny about it but is going based on assumptions? Goodness, these people need couples therapy. Or maybe just basic communication skills. Practice in the mirror if you must.
    God, Alex. I feel bad for her. Don’s a great dad (for NOW anyways), and if I were Alex I’d def use Don for a babysitter until Coral is 10 and then I’d GTFO.
    I can’t tell if Don just needs a clue or if he’s a sex fiend. I guess there are more chapters to go to discover what’s lurking in that head of his.


    • Oh, you are not the only one realising that Dina does not deal well with pregnancy. She needs help. She may be a gold-digger but the Landgraabs are probably more than she bargained for.

      Don doesn’t need scams to get women, he genuinely loves his family and puts them first, but like many poly people, he gets a lot of his energy from flirting with and sleeping with other people. He’s not into Dina, though, because he knows not to put his dick in crazy. But he is also Don, so being charming and complimenting people is just how he is hardwired, whether he’s trying to seduce someone or not.

      The way he talks to Dina is specifically to try and 1) boost her self-esteem because she’s clearly having some insecurity issues, and 2) refocus her thoughts on her husband and child and not whatever scheme she might be dreaming up. He would tell a dude that they looked great too if they clearly made an effort to dress up 😛

      I will go to bat for Daddy Don’s morals and say that any deficiencies are faults in my writing, not his intentions 😛


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