Chapter 3

Enemies With Benefits and Parfaits In The Park

Alone again. At least this time we’ve managed a cheap apartment in the city.

“I almost miss the tent. This place smells like someone died here.”

Pretty sure they did, there’s a body outline under the carpet.


“Oh, hi Don. Nice of you to drop by. I thought we were enemies?”

“Alex, we need to talk.”

“Why? You haven’t even spoken to me since my almost-wedding?”

“Listen here, Alex. I may have a certain reputation, but I don’t approve of cheating. I thought Johnny was okay with us, and I feel lied to. I’m really angry with you.

“You’re right Don. I have no excuse for what I did. But if you’re so mad at me, why are you even here?”

“Because even though we are no longer friends, I find myself unable to stay away.”

“Oh… I must admit, I still have feelings for you too.”

“Do you want to maybe just see where this goes?”

Alex and Johnny are trying to repair their friendship, and Johnny drops by occasionally. Rumour is he’s now dating Dina Caliente and trying to persuade his parents to give him the family name back.

Alex spends most days trolling teh forums and working on those promotions in the underworld.

One night, however, she’s sent home from work 3 hours early as she’s gone into labour. I guess she wouldn’t get much stealing done anyway.

Welcome to the legacy, Brielle Duchelli!

We’re kinda inviting Don over rather a lot, aren’t we?

“I’m trying to earn back his respect. Also, I get quite lonely here.”

It is obvious that Don cares for Alex and he is endlessly supportive.

Being a single mother involved in crime is hard…

But Don is almost always around, just hanging out and even changing the occasional diaper.

One day, he autonomously kisses Alex, and much to her surprise she realises that she’s still utterly in love with him.

But before we can proceed, the rules and boundaries of this relationship has to be agreed on. Don teaches Alex that being in an open relationship is not a license to cheat, but instead means that communication is more important than ever. If this is going to work, they both have to be open and honest.

Things are going well for a bit, until…

“Oh no.”

Uhm, Alex? Is there something you need to tell Don?

Meanwhile, Brielle is growing up and being adorable. As Alex and Johnny have the same hair colour, it’s still difficult to tell who she’s going to look like, but she has her mother’s eye colour..

Alex is spending all her time and energy on Brie, and hasn’t seen Don at all since she found out she was pregnant.

Alex, that baby bump is getting pretty obvious. Didn’t you promise Don to be “open and honest” in this relationship?

“But he’s non-committal! He’ll run away screaming when he sees me!”

I mean, possibly. But you can’t exactly hide it from him forever.

We finally break the news to Don. I use Lumpinou’s amazing mods and to my surprise, Don is giddy with excitement about having a baby. Aww. I feel like the mod does know that Don is non-committal though, it has also assigned him a preference for non-exclusive relationships. Meanwhile, Alex has no strong feelings one way or another about babies and relationships, so she’s just going along with everything.

Let’s hope this works out!

We’ve moved! It seems like Don had been left alone in the Caliente house after all the women moved out, so we can afford a nice little house in one of the cheaper areas of Willow Creek.

The house is old, Victorian style, and has a fenced garden and a small pond. Behind the house is a community garden.

The new house isn’t in great condition, but it’s all Alex and Don can afford for now, especially with a second child on the way.

We also finally has room for more exercise equipment.

Don wins step-dad of the year. He is obsessed with Brie and constantly taking care of her, without being prompted.

He will comfort her when she’s sad.

He jokes with her while she eats breakfast.

He insists on teaching her to dance.

Alex can’t believe her luck. Don is not living up to his reputation at all?!

“I have a real house, a kid, one more on the way, and an amazing boyfriend. I feel so grown up!”

I mean, you did just age up to Adult, so I guess?

“Oh hey Don, I was just walking by. Johnny told me you and Alex and Brielle had also moved to Willow Creek so I thought I’d see where you lived.”

“… and so anyways, when we announced our engagement to Johnny’s parents, they told us that they have decided to forgive him. So he’s a Landgraab again. Oh, and I guess I am too now. I think Nancy and Geoffrey wanted our baby to be a real Landgraab. Oh, uhm, I mean, not that Brielle isn’t a real… I mean… Nevermind. Whew, is it hot out here today, or what?”

Not easily offended, proud step-dad Don shows Dina all his family pictures of Brie and Alex.

“Anyways, nice to see you again, Dina. Best of luck with the Landgraabs.”

“Oh Don, I’ve missed you. It was so good to see you again…”

Dina, you said goodbye already. Why aren’t you leaving? Luckily, Don is oblivious to Dina’s longing looks.

“Brie! The doctor said you are going to get a little sister! Isn’t that exciting?”

“Oh hi, Don, long time no see. Wanna have some fun?”

I am not making this up, Katrina immediately tried to hit on Don. Luckily, he was too preoccupied with his parfait. The random townie is deeply regretting his choice of bench.

“Oh heeeey, Mortimer…”


She’s here! Welcome to the family, Cora! Daddy Don is ecstatic.

Brie is also happy about her little sister.

The only person who isn’t happy seems to be Dina. She angrily stomps past the house several times a day. And at night. Dina, there’s no way you’re out running with that belly, you’re not fooling anyone. What are you up to?

Find out next chapter! ❤

12 thoughts on “Chapter 3

  1. Don has turned out to be pretty great. It’s a nice surprise and I hope there’s less romantic drama for Alex. Brie is adorable and I bet Cora will be adorable as a toddler too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow Don is actually staying faithful? Could this be love? Question is, is it love for Brie or the kiddos? Looks like Dina is plotting something… maybe she is realising that being a Landgraab isn’t all sunshine, roses and diamonds

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hmm! Don is being a passable dad! There’s still room to explore his and Alex’s relationship, and Alex’s development as a mother herself, given her nonchalance about the whole hallway-birth sitch. But Don gets big points for turning down a bench handy for the sake of his fetus. That’s not something to take for granted.

    Love the point that a non-committal person may prefer to be polyamorous but be willing to settle down with the right person. I’m interested in learning what the root of Don’s capricious approach to life is. Not just Don’s but Alex’s. Hey, what if Alex and Don didn’t process their feelings of uncertainty and it taught damaging behavioral patterns to their kids? Haha! Haha!

    (Slightly embarrassing admission: until Brie was born, I did not catch that this was a legacy with alphabetical names.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • It started out a somewhat classic legacy (without counting points because ain’t nobody got time for that) but it turns simlit in a few chapters because NO I MUST WRITE. The alphabetical names stay, though, I feel like they help the readers keep track of people.
      Funny you should mention the behavioural patterns – it will more or less become the underlying theme for this whole blog. After all, what are we but inherited trauma? Also, the term “bench handy” will now give me nightmares.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh YES. I love a strong undercurrent of generational trauma.

        (By the way, I replied to the Chapter 1 comment—did the spam filter eat it? It may have. There was a Discord server invite that may have skeeved out the algorithm.)

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Goodness. Thankfully, Alex’s life has turned around, and she isn’t even the star of this chapter. Obvs that goes to Daddy-of-the-year Lothario. Wowsa, good on you, Alex. You scored a gem. Not entirely thrilled that Don chewed her out when HE COULD HAVE TAKEN RESPONSIBILITY to find out if she was in a relationship. Men are such Neanderthals. Anyways…
    Brielle is totes adorbs. What a cutie!
    Goodness, those poor Landgraabs. They could have had Alex as their DIL, but looks like they hit the dumpster (not jackpot, maybe CRACKPOT) with Nina. More on her later.
    Dina… keep it classy, lady. I guess not. Like the dudes around town seem to know to avoid her. 0.o
    Moving back to Nina. Chica is preggers and I guess her HORRORmones are making her a little … uh, frightening. Shes’ gonna give ME nightmares.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yeah, this was definitely the experience that taught Don to not assume that someone’s partner is fine with things, and he will be making sure everyone is cleared for poly shenanigans in the future. The Don does not abide cheating.


  5. I can’t remember if I mentioned that I played with Don in another story. He had six children with three different women, but the last four children he had with his forever love. He was the most loving and attentive father I’ve met in any game.
    I remember you mentioning him in my current story and I can understand why ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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