Chapter 2

Lovers, Enemies and Other Drama

When we last left Alex, she had just achieved level 5 of her career as a musician and was allowed to move in with her boyfriend, Johnny Zest.

And just in time as well. Alex is pregnant!

“I don’t feel well.”

I know, but this is a legacy, kids are kinda mandatory.

“So, uhm, I know we only just moved in together, but there’s something I need to tell you…”

Luckily, Johnny is still a Landgraab, and want to do things properly, so he immediately proposes.

Alex, could you look at least somewhat excited to get married?

“I’m thrilled. This is my thrilled face.”


“So I guess you’re my future father in law? I hope this little incident doesn’t damage Johnny’s attempts to become friends with you again?… What? I am NOT a golddigger, you disowned him and he has no money!”

“Ugh, this isn’t working out. I’m enemies with most of my future in-laws.”

“My life sucks! Johnny ignores me, his family hates me, I keep throwing up, and now I have more enemies than friends. I don’t want to depend on people who don’t even care about me!”

Blissfully unaware of his fiancée’s complete lack of happiness, Johnny proudly finishes a bit about disastrous hair-dos. Go you, Johnny-boy.

“Oh Don, you’re my only real friend. I feel so lonely here, no one seems to care about me.”

ALEX NO! You KNOW what Don is like!

Oh Alex… what have you done?

“I know I shouldn’t have done this… I just needed to feel wanted, you know? Johnny is obsessed with his comedy and trying to mend his relationship with his family and so…”

No. I’m sorry, but this is a legacy. We need to do things properly and you can’t do this. You need to break off things with Don immediately.

“… Fine.”

“Breaking up over text is so tacky, though!”

I know, but your wedding is tomorrow, there’s no time to waste!

“Great, now Don hates me! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?”

Actually I feel kinda sorry, but there’s no time for that because we have a wedding to get through tomorrow, so dry your eyes!


Goodnight Alex, I’m sure everything will seem less bleak tomorrow.


Alex, please try to make up with your in-laws before the ceremony.

“It won’t work. We’re sworn enemies.”

“Where did she even get that drink from?!”

Cheer up, Alex. I’m sure Johnny will be there for you so you can both get a better relationship with his family. Also, why is he on the phone?

“He’s apologising to his mother for MY behaviour.”


“Oh well, I better get to work. I got a new job, this will make much more money than music.”

“So, uh, honey? Did you always dress like this for work, or?”

It’s your wedding day! Wipe off that sad face and eat your levitating tomatoes, we’re leaving!

Okay, still the sad face, I see.

Nancy and Geoffrey are handling the situation in their own ways.

“I now take thee… no! I refuse. This whole wedding is a sham, and you don’t really love me, you just want to do whatever is ‘proper’!”

“But honeybuns! Of course I love you! We’re having a baby!”

“Having a baby is not enough reason to get married! We have nothing in common! If you paid me even half the attention that Don does -“


“Uh.. about that. I kinda hooked up with Don…”

“What? You claim I don’t care about you and then you CHEAT ON ME!?”

“… you’re right. I haven’t exactly given my all in this relationship either…”

“Sigh… Fine. Fine! This just wasn’t meant to be I guess. The wedding’s off.”

“I knew this was going to be a disaster!”

“Shut up, mother, you didn’t exactly help.”

“Alexandra, I am sorry it had to end like this. Can we at least try to stay civil, for the baby? I want to stay in touch, and I promise to help you and our child out.”

“But you’re still packing your stuff and leaving my trailer immediately though.”

Oh Alex, if it isn’t the consequences of your own actions!

This wraps up chapter 2. What will Alexandra do next? The baby is due any minute now. Find out in the next chapter! ❤

10 thoughts on “Chapter 2

  1. Dang, Alex, stuck in a patriarchal legacy-based world. Maybe she didn’t handle it the cleanest way but at least she’s not withering away in a loveless marriage. And I do hope she’ll learn to treat Don-Don like the piece of meat he is. That guy is just a hotdog on the ground outside.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alex doesn’t seem like she’s living her best life, or much of any life. First generation sims have it pretty bad :\
    I’m kinda wondering, if Don is such a great friend who gets Alex, then why did he sleep with her knowing she’s in a relationship. I mean… he knows, right? 0.o

    “He’s apologising to his mother for MY behaviour.”

    Oye cheese and crackers. Get that poor girl outta there. I’m glad she called off the wedding, what a disaster she’d be walking into otherwise, but she has NOBODY (other than Don who didn’t have a problem sleeping with her… like didn’t he at least ask “I see you’re pregnant, any chance you’re still with the baby’s dad?” I mean, he’s her friend not some rando she met at a nightclub).

    I like the narrator/God voice that Alex has this relationship with. It’s a cool concept.
    Alex needs to just dump Baby Landgraab on Johnny Zest’s trailer doorstep and just live her life. Alex, I hope things improve for you.

    Liked by 1 person

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