Chapter 1

Humble Beginnings and Weirdly Colour-Coordinated Aliens

This is Alexandra Duchelli, or Alex. Welcome to this legacy challenge, where we try to experience as much as possible. Right, Alex?

“Awesome, legacies are so much fun! Big houses, amazing clothes, great adventures! I can’t wait!”

Uhm, Alex? You’re a founder. You don’t have any money, remember?

“Oh. Crap.”

Yup. So you better start earning some money so you can get a roof over your head as soon as possible.

“I don’t even have a toilet!”

There’s a bush.

“… Right, better get going.”

After Alex grumbles through the first chords, we try the city to see if we can get some tips.

Poor Alex isn’t having much luck, and mostly receives smug looks from stuck-up townies.

Giving up on the tips for now, Alex goes to the karaoke club to brush up on her singing skills as well. You can’t be a singer-songwriter if you can’t sing.

This is also a great time for you to socialise, Alex! You should try meeting some new people.

“Some of these townies are a bit too friendly!”

Oh shush, stop complaining.

“Seriously, can I go home? Everyone in this city is weird!”

Oh come on, you’re just overreacting because you’re embarrassed that someone saw your attempt at swiping a drink. Maybe stay on the right side of the bar next time?

“No, I’m serious. There’s a man and a small girl outside just… staring… at a brick pillar.”

… Fine, you can go home.

“I’m not sure this is better.”

Shush, we need to get enough money that you’re allowed to get a job. And the tips are too slow.

“Isn’t it a bit counter-intuitive that I need to earn money before I can get a job?”

I don’t make the rules, Alex. Besides, I’m busy worrying about the aliens.

“The aliens?”

Yes. Apparently, the aliens are flocking to Oasis Springs, and somehow they mostly manage to be beautifully colour-coordinated. It’s honestly a bit unsettling.

Anyways, we need to find you a husband, This is a legacy, after all. How about this handsome fellow?

“Uhm… he seems a bit bookish. What about that hot guy over there?”

Oh honey. That’s Don Lothario. He’s bad news, you won’t get anywhere with him in a legacy, he’s non-committal. He’d be great as one of those enemies you’re supposed to get, though?

Alex catches up with the neighbours and even scores a dinner invitation to the Caliente house.

Nina: “Oh yeah, Don lives here too. Mom moved him in, she claimed she thought he would be a great fit for me or Dina, but I think she really wants him for herself. Anyways, no one is getting anywhere with him, he’s completely useless.”

“Alright, I’ll give up on Don. I guess I’ll find someone a bit less…occupied.”

Alex, who are you talking to? You should be in bed, or, I mean, tent, those skill points take energy.

“Oh, I just met these guys. This is Johnny and Malcolm. Apparently they’re brothers but there’s a lot of drama going on in the family.”

“Eww, can I have something else to eat soon?”

I mean, sure, you can buy all the food you want, but then it’ll just take longer for you to get a job, and thus to get a husband and a roof over your head?


As we head to the museum, I wonder. Is throwing up on a canvas art?

We also need those handiness skills, so Alex starts some woodworking.

Meanwhile, I am distracted by the amazing choice of shoes here.

Alex, wasn’t there a vase there, just a second ago?

“I have no idea what you’re talking about”

And so it continues on, with dumpster meals…

… voice training…

… more dumpster meals…

… and more impeccably clad aliens.

“You want me to just… eat a whole lemon?”

Hey, at least it’s not spoiled!

“So Johnny, I’m really flattered that you wanted to take me on a date all the way in Selvadorada, considering you live in a trailer. Does this mean you want to get serious?”

Apparently it does. Awww. Now kiss!

Woah, Alex, you’re scaring him off!

Or not. Apparently, Johnny is totally into this.

Success! Now we can leave Selvadorada before any more natives spawn and flood the town.

Tealien: “Good riddance.”

“Look who got promoted! Just a couple more days and I can actually move in with someone!”

And by someone, you mean Johnny, I assume?

“Yeah, sure. I mean, obviously.”

“We’re having such a good time together. Like cooking and watching tv.”

I mean, you could look more enthusiastic about it. It’s all a bit “Married… With Children”, isn’t it?

“Don’t worry, I love Johnny. He’s so warm.”

Don’t just exploit the poor man for his body heat, Alex!

Oh well. Another benefit of having a boyfriend is pretty free access to his fridge. Fewer dumpster meals. Now get home before work!


Alex, why are you giving Don flowers on Love Day? Aren’t you going on a date with Johnny in a bit?

“Oh get over it, it’s just a tulip. Tulips are for friends!”

Right. I don’t trust you.

“See? Roses are for love!”

Moira? Who is this and where is your husband?

“So, anyways, Alex, you said we needed to discuss something important?”

“So, uhm, I live in a tent. And I finally got my last promotion, so I am allowed to move in with someone now…”

See, Moira? This is what happens when you go on a date with some weirdo townie.

Enjoy your dinner, lovebirds. And then go home and pack up your tent Alex, we’re moving!

That’s all for this chapter! Thanks for reading ❤

9 thoughts on “Chapter 1

  1. It’s always rough to be the founding generation of a legacy, but at least she has a tent and has (perhaps) picked Johnny over Don, which shows good taste. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Okay, so first I need to get some fangirling out of the way because I have been reading Catastrophe Theory for years, way before I even got a WordPress account and I love you and I love Haunted and you were one of the people who inspired me to finally start writing and I can’t believe you’re here, I literally tried to come up with something clever to comment on Unacknowledged Legislators just two days ago but I was too intimidated so I just clicked Like. So aaaaaaaaaaah! *faints*

      Ahem, now that I got that out of my system, it’s obvious that the man and the child are discussing the relative merits of pillars, brick or otherwise. After all, they are great support structures, providing us all with both aesthetic appeal and idioms such as “pillar of the community”. Whether you are into Doric, Ionic, Corinthian or other types of pillars, you simply cannot go wrong with a good pillar. The humble brick pillar is often seen in more urban settings and is great for carrying band posters, street art, and all of Yuan’s burdens ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh. My god. I’ve been in a huge slump with writing and this comment means the world to me. Now I have to read on, eh?

        I get that drafting comments can take a lot of bandwith—esp. for something meaty and conceptual like CT—so if you’re too busy focusing on your own work, and want a small community of supportive SimLit authors to hang with, feel free to join the CT/Haunted Discord server. Despite the name, it’s really more of a writer’s club where we all gas each other up and help each other brainstorm.

        Metaphorical significance? Huh—I can dig it. What if there’s a wizard trapped in the pillar zapping normal umbrellas into dope watermelon umbrellas? I mean we can’t prove there isn’t.

        Holy. Hell. You name-dropped Yuan. I am actually going to die.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Admittedly, I’ve never done a challenge, and I’m surprised that you don’t get to keep the 20,000 simoleons (minus however for the plot of land). What happens to the rest of the money once you buy a bush and a tent? Good thing Alex isn’t an introvert (loner trait I guess), or this challenge would be depressing, seeing as how she can only advance her living situation by moving in with a lover or a good friend.
    I’m shocked that Alex is settling for basic men when there’s a smorgasbord of rainbow aliens THAT.CAN.DRESS. Yeah, I’m looking at *you* Malcolm Landgraab, you disgusting little man-child. I guess you know what I’d choose if I were her. Taste the rainbow, behbeh, taste it all.
    I’m with Dolly re. the brick pillars. What is their fascination? The mystery of the century that DESERVES attention. Maybe it’s a Harry Potter sorta thing and it’s a train station portal. Okay, kid, take a few steps back and run into that brick pillar like your magic degree depends on it!
    Oh-My-Gawd you can dumpster dive for food? I’m so depressed for Alex.
    Hahaha, Alex giving Don a tulip. Yo, that man gets a lot of tulips (oh excuse me, I mean TWO LIPS).
    Another thing I learned, I had no idea a sim could kneel and eat (I mean… hahaha… color my face red… I mean eat food).
    “Anyways, no one is getting anywhere with him, he’s completely useless.” – LMAO. I mean, YES, Don Lothario totes is but… I ask you, what guy in this game isn’t useless? 😉

    Fun read! I look forward to seeing how their relationship unravels *evil laugh*

    Liked by 1 person

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