Chapter 9

The End of an Era

Welcome back to the Duchelli household, where we are hurtling towards the final stretches of our first generation.

I’m not sure what is going on here, but I think Johnny is showing off some yoga moves. On the sidewalk. To a stray cat.

His daughter Jodi is pretending she doesn’t know him in the background.

To increase the household income enough to send Cora off to university, everyone is working hard. On top of her criminal activities, Alex has taking up writing a few books and painting.

Cora is still single and has no real friends, so for Love Day, she gives a rose to her beloved sister.

Brielle and Shawn used Love Day to finally make it official. No one was surprised, as they have been together for a while.

Another visitor dropping by is one of Brie’s best friends, Ariana Broke. She’s one of Angela and Dustin Broke’s twin daughters.

This is Adriana, the other twin. Both twins are very close with Brie.

Cora has neither the time nor inclination for making friends. It’s all about homework.

After fulfilling his aspiration to be the greatest bodybuilder ever, Don is back to being a serial romantic. He still has strong opinions on cheating, and most of the women closer to his age are married, so the dating pool is honestly a little sparse. Therefore, he invites out the somewhat younger Evie Delgato.

Evie tells Don all about her college, and mentions how she isn’t planning on settling down in a serious relationship until she gets her career started, so she’s open to just having some fun.

And so, after “having some fun” in a back room of the bar…

… Don kisses Evie goodbye before she heads back to her dorm.

Cora has gotten a job as a barista, which means she has to get up insanely early. So she’s always tired and in a bad mood. Late night studying does not work well with 5 AM workdays.

After work and a nap, she barely has time to fall asleep in her breakfast before going to school.

Her barista job, however, has given her a newfound appreciation for coffee, and she manages to talk her parents into letting her buy a fancy coffee maker at home.

Much better! Hopefully this’ll get her up in the morning.

While out on the town one day, Don hears someone cry in the ladies room. Out comes Morgan Fyres-Munch. Don asks her what is wrong, and she tells him that her and Wolfgang’s marriage has been rocky for a while, due to the stress of them living with her aging parents, and he finally had enough and left her.

Always the gentleman, Don cheers Morgan up and invites her to join him for coffee.

They hit it off immediately, and Don does his best to make Morgan feel better about herself.

It doesn’t take long before Morgan starts flirting back.

And to no one’s surprise, they end up in a back room.

Cora is really doing nothing but studying. She’s trying to get accepted into the distinguished degree in Physics at Foxbury University, and that takes hard work.

One evening, the girls are given school projects as usual, and Brie brings, besides one of the Broke twins, this guy.

His name is Aidan, and it turns out he’s a bit of a nerdy loner. Maybe Brie brought him because he reminds her of Cora. They immediately bond over robots.

“Alex, babe, will you still love me when I’m old and wrinkly?”

“Of course, honey.”

And so, Don is the first member of the family to hit old age.

Cora, would it kill you to leave the voidcritters alone and attend your father’s birthday? Sheesh. Even Christie from his fitness club is more excited than you.

Despite a few more grey hairs, Don’s still got it.

Don has had an impressive career, winning several trophies including the coveted title of Mr. Solar System.

“My college application has been sent. Woo.”

You don’t seem all that enthusiastic, Cora?

“I’m thrilled. Just. So. Tired. Need more coffee.”

Well, dress up before you hit the mocha, because today we’re having two more birthdays.

I’m gonna be honest here, I actually feel a tiny bit sad that Alex is getting old already 😦

Blow out those candles, Alexandra! *sniff*

Congratulations! Okay, we can’t all age as gracefully as Don.

Also, in case you’re wondering who the purple guy in the doorway is…

It’s Brie’s half-brother Quentin. He definitely inherited Johnny’s impeccable fashion sense. Also his face.

But we have no time to stare at Quentin, because Alex and Brie share a birthday, and now it’s time for Brie to grow up!

Congrats, Brie! Also, way to steal the picture, Quentin… I’m not sure if Johnny is upset about his little girl growing up, the noise from the vuvuzela, or Quentin upstaging him in the department of outrageous outfits.

Shawn has also come to wish Brie a happy birthday. Poor Cora is sitting awkwardly next to them, staring into her drink.

She excuses herself to the kitchen to get an espresso.

Fun fact – I checked out their traits and Quentin is a goofball like Johnny. Jodi is physically a tiny copy of Dina but is of course mean.

Cora has had enough of partying after three birthdays in two days, and slinks off with her coffee, but not before noticing a meaningful look between Dina and Don. She wonders briefly about it, but goes to her room.

Okay, so maybe Don is getting a LITTLE old. But there’s no time for sleep, we’ve got a date lined up!

The date definitely wasn’t a succes. This woman, possibly named Amy, was mean and constantly insulted him. They actually ended the date with negative romance.

“Oh, you’re home early, Don? I was just about to take a bath.”

“I don’t know why I bother going out with anyone but you, babe. I’m heading to the gym instead.”

Cora is getting a bit more social and actually invites her new friend Aidan over after school.

She finds that they can just talk for hours, about science and the universe and books, without getting awkward.

The next day, a letter arrives.

“Dad! Read this! I got into Foxbury!”

Cora is getting braver about socialising, so she invites one of her barista colleagues for her birthday. This is Zane Fyres-Munch. His parents got divorced recently, but Morgan has let Don know that she and Wolfgang are trying to make it work again – for the kids.

Cora and Zane bond over voidcritter tactics and memes.

But now it’s time for cake. Brie and Shawn are here as well. Shawn is trying to lift the mood, but Brie just lost her grandparents. She barely knew Nancy and Geoffrey, but it still made her sad.

Happy birthday, Cora!

As Cora is our heir, we will now officially begin the second generation. It should come as no surprise that Cora’s colour is blue 🙂

7 thoughts on “Chapter 9

  1. I dig the name Ariana Broke. With the wrong last name, Ariana could be the type of ostentatious that’s only attainable for super-hot pop stars, but this one undercuts it in the best way. Reminds me of the lady being called to our gate at the airport whose name was “Ashley Cashdollar.”

    Where can I find Cora’s octopus shirt? I need. It. For Kendra. Now.

    Don’s interaction with Morgan and the worryingly younger Evie kill me—with Morgan, it’s like the 30 Rock bit of hanging out in front of an Ikea to pick up women who just fought with their SOs over furniture. “Hey baby, what’s wrong?”

    Oh god, the second Aidan came on screen, I was like, look at this dork. I love him already. He got that shirt that says “I went outside.” And you know what? I respect that. Cora is also somewhat of a personal attack, with the physics and the coffee and the neglecting personal relationships in favor of said physics and coffee. The kind of person she needs is another independent introvert who also forgets they’re in a relationship. Or the exact opposite. I ain’t her boss.

    I’m with Don on polyamory being sort of exhausting. Every additional partner, that’s a person you have to talk to!


    • I swear, Don just happened to be out when he ran into Morgan. He had the purest intentions behind buying her coffee and cheering her up by giving her some positive attention. And you will later find out that he actually suggests to Morgan that she gives Wolfgang a second chance. But this will still come back to haunt him…

      Aidan is the dorkest dork. Match made in heaven? Depends entirely on Cora…

      (Minor spoiler: Aidan will one day deliver one of my favourite lines.)


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