Chapter 8

They Grow Up So Fast

Winter is coming to an end, but first we have two big parties to attend.

First up, it’s the new year! Due to the lack of chairs, though, Dina just goes straight to drinking, apparently.

Don pulls Dina aside to check on her while Alex teaches Jodi to dance.

“So, Dina… you look… well.”

“Thanks, Don… Honestly, I feel better than I have in a long time. I love Quentin and Jodi, but I don’t think the stress of being pregnant was good for me.”

Johnny just seems so happy to see his two families get along.


What, you don’t celebrate the new year by impaling your husband? Weirdo.

The new year starts with a second party, though.

Brie is growing up! This time, the party is being held at Johnny and Dina’s house, which is across the street.

Brie asked specifically for a unicorn cake.

Happy birthday, Brielle!

Brie is definitely Johnny’s daughter, no doubt about it.

Don has no time for cake, he’s too busy keeping an eye on the younger kids.

Cora is mostly excited about the fact that there is a dog, Lady. I swear Quentin and Jodi are here as well, but they somehow kept avoiding the photos. You can just barely spot Jodi behind Don’s chair, and Quentin is playing outside.

For her birthday, Brie got a full-size violin to replace her old one. She wants to become a musician. Definitely Johnny’s kid.

Brie’s best friend, Shawn Talla, has also grown up.

They’re adorable together, so I think it’s time to move things along. After all, Brie is not the heir and can live whatever life she wants.

They head to Brie’s room for homework and privacy.

Brie’s first kiss. They’re not official yet, but this is a good start.

Alex is constantly upgrading things. With four people and a mischievous cat in the house, things break often and get dirty constantly. But it’s all fine, we need to max that handiness.

We still love Noodles no matter what, though. Especially Cora, whose main interests in life seems to be space and cats.

When she’s not playing with Noodles, she’s either doing homework, playing chess, or pretending to be an astronaut.

Alex is also working on her mischief by trolling the forums daily.

“Someone os wrong on the internet and I need to teach them a lesson!”

“I rickrolled them. Classic. That’ll teach them!”

Meanwhile, Oliana from the fitness club has invited Don out for a swim.

Paolo and Kayla also came along. Not sure what is up with Oliana here.

It may seem like Kayla is winning, but in fact Oliana is almost a lap ahead. She probably gets a lot of practice, living in Sulani.

No better way to dry than dancing by the bonfire!

Back home, Alex has been promoted to safe cracker, which means she needs to sharpen those mental skills, and Cora is delighted to have someone to play chess with.

Cora is not the most social kid, and only has one real friend, a fellow genius girl from school, but they don’t hang out much in person, they mainly play Voidcritters online.

And of course she’s close to her big sister Brie.

Today, Cora joins Brie in being a teenager. Poor parents. Don doesn’t look thrilled about having two teenagers in the house.

Blow out those candles, Cora!

Aaaand this is definitely Don’s kid. It seems like both girls only inherited Alex’s lips and then pretty much everything else from their fathers.

Cora, as well as being a genius, is developing a bit of a temper. She likes discussing, and she very much prefers being right.

“Hop off, Noodles, I need to get into bed.”

Noodles goes to play with her itty bitty kitty committee outside, and this is where we’ll end this chapter.

See you next time!

6 thoughts on “Chapter 8

  1. Johnny and Dina’s house is across the street?! Can’t help the PPD. I’m at least glad she’s getting over the heartbreak enough to have the kids play together.

    After all, Brie is not the heir and can live whatever life she wants.

    Oh dang, an acknowledgment of how much pressure there is on legacy sims. Tick off those boxes, Cora! Tick off those boxes until your life has meaning!

    Though I’m also interested in learning whether Cora’s desire to fulfill legacy requirements is cultural or self-imposed, or a mixture of both. Plus also unless you’re playing with altered rules, real heteronormative, those things. Hope the rules let her adopt if it comes to that.


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